My experience having you as my life coach, was wonderful even if it was only for a short time!
When I first came to you I was hopeless and very confused. But the way you taught me and the love you showed me, made me feel confident. You gave me back faith again!

You helped me see qualities that I didn’t think I had.

Thanks to you, I know now that I am love, enough, fun, wanted, brave, powerful, interesting, strong, and much more!
There are no words in the dictionary that can express all my gratitude for your help and professionalism, and more than anything for your love.

Thanks again.

Elizabeth G

Barb has a loving and compassionate approach to her work. She invites you to be the happiest and strongest person you can be. She knows Just what is needed and then communicates it a way that makes sense. She empowers you to take a risk and to think differently while letting you make your own choices. I am truly grateful Barb has been part of my life. I am touched by her deep Level of caring and knowledge.


What can I say besides, Barb’s energy work is FANTASTIC!!!
After my introductory session, I immediately booked a series of 5 sessions and now have a standing appointment each week….it’s that good. I’m on my 3rd month, and still feel fabulous when I finish the session.
It’s like the best massage ever without any stress or pain… it’s better than that. I can’t tell you how good it is…..just
try it!!

John M- Phoenix

I had an opportunity and privilege to work with Life Coach Barb Heite for a short period of time, but in that short period of time Barb’s coaching program changed my life. It helped me to seriously look at myself in a truthful honest way and make the changes necessary to focus on making the improvements necessary for a better quality life not just for myself but for those around me.

Barb is tenacious in following up and keeping you on track. She is direct, but loving and truly cares about her clients. I have recommended Barb’s coaching to others and it has also made an impact on their lives. I highly recommend Barb Heite as a Life Coach if you want to make a permanent positive change in your life.

Gabriela Delgadillo

Artist and Transformational Healing Coach

Barb has always provided me with excellent, wise and Loving support.  She has made a real difference in my life.

Josie L. - Tempe, AZ

Loving, giving, inspirational. These are the three words that best describe Barbara. I first met her when I was 14 and she was in her twenties. That was 26 years ago, but her views on life and people, her genuine openness to the world, her creative aura, combined with a practical sense have accompanied me ever since, and have popped up every now and then in various situations. If somebody still inspires you after more than 20 years since you last saw them, there must be something really special about them.

Solveig - Germany

I met Barb Heite in such a spontaneous, serendipitous way. One would have to say it was destiny… and that, I believe!  Barb and I found that we shared many similarities in our interests and life experiences, and it was both exiting and healing to see in Barb, such a kindred spirit.   Yet, the differences between our personalities and personal qualities were even more inspiring to me.  She is such a compassionate and nurturing friend, one that can listen objectively while also encouraging soulful-ness and head strong passion in my life’s goals. Barb has a beautifully loving way of nurturing the soul while raising the bar to your higher self.  For me, Barb Heite has influenced my life tremendously, in such a short time, just by being her genuine self and openly sharing her life’s passions with me.  She’s cultivated in me my own personal growth as I participate in her immaculate and very necessary cause! Thank you Barb!

Love, Spring S. - Queen Creek, AZ

Barb is such an inspiration to me. She is not only chasing her dream but she is going out of her way to train others as well. She has a hope to make this world a better place. Barb goes out of her way to listen to others, coach people and help in any way that she can. She personally  helps me on a day to day basis. She is a great listener but the advice that she gives me is inspiring and helpful. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Tracy W. - Ohio

In Dark depression, almost ready for suicide, Barb nurtured my tormented soul.

Henry - Hawaii

I am eternally grateful for Barb having discovered unconditional love for herself and deciding to become a coach.  Having worked with her has TRULY changed my life.  I have done sooooo much work with MULTIPLE counselors and ultimately NONE of it ever did a thing for me besides teaching me how to better my already perfected victim skills.  Then along came Barb.