So I have been processing and looking at myself around relationships…. My belief in what I thought was honorable and a testimony to how much I love someone…. So what I am walking away with is that relationships are not about quantity it is about quality. I know from experience and watching others that we all endure a lot of crap when we are determined to prove a point, convince our selves that if we just do this or that we will then feel love… instead it is just a band aid to the real me… Performing, giving, to feel lovable to be included, a part of something…. I get so caught up in seeing other behaviors instead of my own… I get caught up in ” look what you are doing to me” mentality wasting time …. quantity of time… Looking to see how someone is wrong and I am right… making up stories to fit my evidence of what I think I know…. Comparison … The death of joy freedom and love… So quality of time… means to me… are those every day moments when I am all in… Being authentically me…it is being truthful…. vulnerable….exposed.. To being seen accepted and loved….and that takes courage, bravery, faith, and trust in myself and those i share quality time with…. This belief that quantity of time with a person is shifting and I don’t want to hide there anymore… which means stepping into quality of who I am…. scared shitless that I am being judged but then those who truly see me will know and love me unconditionally as I practice quality instead of quantity of time in our connections…. and I want to do the same for those who are also practicing quality over quantity… that is where we find ourselves and each other … in the quality of creating authentic natural moments of being seen accepted and love as is… and that just makes me happy
Love love
Radiate… Shine… Sparkle
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