Just Blah

barb-fayeBarb & Faye have always known each other they came into this world together as triplet sisters… just so you know the other triplet is a boy! We have experienced several lifetimes of experiences that would bring people to their edge. Barb talks about some of those journeys in her book, Beautiful Mess…. A Journey to the Universe Within. Faye & Barb have a natural knack for sparking each other into deep conversations about anything and everything.

Just-Blah was created when Faye & Barb were having one of those discussions about creating something together. Both have an ability to ask the right question to spark the other in any given topic discussed. The sharing would happen naturally, usually in earshot of other people. Those people would comment on their chemistry and were fascinated by their energy that kept them absorbed in listening on the topic being discussed. Barb & Faye did not pay much attention to those listening and commenting and would teasingly state, “We should do a talk show!” Fast forward a few years later, the two were attending a weekend retreat listening to the presenter engage the audience about sharing your story to inspire others and said, JUST BLAH!!! The speaker must have said it a dozen times… Just Blah!!! On break Faye & Barb looked at each other and knew that was the name of their radio show. The creation from an idea started to gain momentum and slowly Faye & Barb started creating Just Blah! Speak Up, Speak Out & Let’s Talk About It!

Barb and Faye have a unique authentic approach by putting people at ease to open up to talk about their truth to be understood, recognized, and loved.  Barb and Faye inspire people to step into being co-creators of their happiness by talking about everything and anything that holds an individual back from defining their purpose to create a reality of choosing from passion.  With recognizing and experiencing unconditional love listeners tap into the understanding of what it is to consciously choose a blissful, joy-filled, love-filled life.

Just Blah! Speak Up, Speak Out & Let’s Talk About It! was created to have a safe loving space where Barb and Faye guides listeners onto the pathway of self-love, self-worth, and acceptance, talking about natural alternative choices to healing the mind body and spirit.

Just Blah! Speak Up, Speak Out & Let’s Talk About It! will begin to be available to listen to starting in early 2017.

Peace, Light & Love,
Barb and Faye