Are you a Beautiful Mess?

Often in our busy day- to-day life as moms, sisters, wives, friends, and employees we get lost in our labels of how we are defined from our outside world. Being human we naturally desire to connect and want to be a part of something. We want something to identify with. In our desire to create bonds, reach out, and “be a part of” we give freely from the heart to create for those we love and care for the same experience we desire, connection. The connection, at times, can feel more like a demand or a requirement to be part of that connection. We, as woman, take on this responsibility to create other experiences meeting others expectations of what the world should look like…and that is cool… and at times can be fun…even fulfilling to give to others and contribute to their happiness. This creating of experiences for others leaves little to no time for us. We at times, do not know what to do with our self when opportunities do open up and can trigger feelings if we are not exhausted and just hide.

We are taught as woman that it loving to give of your-self without thought to self; that somehow we are unloving if we say “no”. We have become deaf to our inner voices and complacent in the self-care of our self. We discount our own wants and needs, ignoring that inner drive to peruse our passion. We convince ourselves that there will be time tomorrow to take that class, read that book, explore the world, and connect with kindred spirits. Without much thought we forget that tomorrow always lives in the future and is never present to experience. We go along willingly and never stop to imagine other choices. We persuade our self that our connections are enough for now. Always giving, saying “no thank you” to others looking to connect as well, missing out on the experience of the gift of receiving. We believe that we are imposing on others if we accept or that we do not measure up if we take time to explore our passion. We keep ourselves in our own boxes of perceptions of what is expected of us.

The issue is with expectations is it takes the spontaneity of life away. We have everything mapped out and create limits on our choices and there is no room for receiving. We are controlling our world. We have learned that giving is an absolute must while receiving and asking for what we want is selfish and somehow unloving. This belief system will and does wear a person down emotionally, physically, spiritually. We can become numb to life. Feel isolated. Feel misunderstood and not appreciated. The kicker is, we created all that. We chose willingly, at least outwardly, to do all that is required to belong and feel accepted and loved. The more we do however, the more is required, a vicious cycle of creating chaos. We become hyper-vigilant and extremely sensitive to other needs. a slow decent into just existing and going through the motions.

This giving of ourselves is no longer with the intention of unconditional love it is now a chore, something to survive, get through. When we stop and recognize this within our self the beginning of self will start to emerge. We will make different choices to contribute to the happiness of not only others but to our self as well. It is the beginning of a journey to practice being courageous enough to make different choices and not be in the status quo. It is the chance to live with intention. Creating opportunities to reach out with no expectations and open up, practice vulnerability, share your heart…. with kindred spirits. Those who have walked the walked and knows with a glance who you are. We, as woman, can create a safe, fun, inspiring environment to explore different choices to open our world to new possibilities, connecting with likeminded woman.

The creation of Beautiful Mess- A Women’s Connection Group lets you express yourself and tell your truths in a safe place. There is no judgments or expectations; just acceptance and open arms to hold each other. Beautiful Mess- A Women’s Connection Group practices sharing, being vulnerable, and being unconditionally loving, Beautiful Mess- A Women’s Connection Group is waiting to connect, to give and receive, when you reach out. Take a leap of faith, trust, and come back to your natural self. Find your passion, find your tribe, and connect with us. We are here waiting to embrace you, in all that you are, you matter to us, you are important, and you are wanted.

Beautiful Mess-A Women Connection Group was created by Barb Heite. This group offers a variety of support “Connections”. There are weekly free groups that focuses on living an authentic, wholehearted, joyful, compassionate life and also offers workshops, retreats, and social events that examine our inner worlds. We look at our Self to explore untapped talents to develop a healthy relationship with Self. Take a leap in Faith, trust, find your spark to ignite your passion and learn how to express your talents in the world. Your tribe is here waiting for you to reach out and connect.

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by Barb Heite et al.

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The book shares her beautiful self to the world. Her profound perspective on life and how we should be to each other is priceless. An awesome read that I’m sharing with my friends and family.

Candy F

I loved this book! The author invites you into her life and her soul and shares her deepest and personal thoughts. I anxiously turned each page of this book. Ultimately, after reading this book, I feel closer to the author as if I have known her for a lifetime. Thank you for writing this book and I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for a wonderful story about a remarkable woman.

Etta O.

Good book, well written the author shares a deeply intense part of her life and come out like a champ.

Lisa B.


Cheryl M.

Incredibly inspiring book about the journey of one woman, but is really applicable to so many of us. The journal style can be ever so slightly hard to follow at times, but is also well worth it because it really immerses you in the thoughts and feelings being expressed. Definitely worth the read I would and have recommended it to friends.

Simply Sky

Cancer has been a gift for Barb. What a miracle and thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You have showed us the real happiness.


Barb is the Real Thing! She walked her path and now shares her wisdom with others. Rock on Barb!

Linda M.